photo pomme de terre jauneOur company, which was founded more than 10 years ago, supports customers worldwide. We export 90.000 tonnes of potatoes and onions to food packaging compagnies. A true partner, we operate troughout the year, offering adapted products.

Export to 21 ​countries​150 ​customers
50 partner producers ​ – 70.000 tonnes potatoes under AGROMEX contracts

We are premium new potatoes specialist producers. Our affiliate AGROPROD is responsible for part of the production and develops new varieties both in France and abroad. 70% of our products are produced under contracts ; we develop a network of partner producers to optimise quality and services delivered with respect to production (development of varieties, certification, maximisation of production). We offer all varieties for the fresh food market. We produce food in compliance with our customers’ specifications.



We regard our sales relations as real partnerships. With 90.000 tonnes of products exported, we are a major player in the European market. We optimise our customers’ demand by meeting all particular specifications. We develop new varieties in a proactive manner.


OIGNON0To offer products throughout the year with our partners and offer long-term supply solutions.

– Appropriate storage.
– Choice of varieties.
– Importation and production in foreign countries.
– Reliable and maximised logistics network.

Guaranteed high quality products and services.

– Environmentally-friendly and certified production.
– We guarantee fault-free traceability in line with
specific requests.
– Production on a partnership basis to maximise crops.
– Appropriate technical monitoring .
– Production contracts are made practically automatically.
– Cooking and taste tests for our products.



Expert technical and sales teams operating in the field​.

Our technical team follows the production of our potatoes, from rotation of crops to storage. We collect samples at all stages in the development of the product.

Our sales team is available 6 days a week and visits all our customers to carefully determine demand in terms of supply, and future market trends.

Optimised and controlled logistics.

Our logistics partners know and adhere to our requirements in terms of service quality (punctuality, information, product handling).

Our logistics team handles the complete logistics chain (transportation, customs document, phytosanitary document …).